If you are using Business Central Telemetry in Azure Application Insights, then you might be very interested in this amazing Power BI report: BCTech/README.md at master · microsoft/BCTech (github.com) Use this link to install/update the template app: https://aka.ms/bctelemetryreport The report comes with sample data. To connect the report to an Azure Application Insights resource, you need Read More →

When you try to deploy a PTE (per tenant extension) from VSCode (Visual Studio Code), and you get the following error: Your license does not grant you the following permissions on TableData Published Application: IndirectInsert or The request for path /v2.0/sandbox/dev/apps?SchemaUpdateMode=synchronize&DependencyPublishingOption=default failed with code UnprocessableEntity. Reason: Your licence does not grant you the following permissions Read More →

Did you know that Windows 10 came with a free remote control tool called Quick Assist? Quick Assist is an app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. Here’s a video about it: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/videoplayer/embed/RE4FyMn?pid=ocpVideo0-innerdiv-oneplayer&postJsllMsg=true&maskLevel=20&market=en-us   Give assistance   Select Start  > Quick Assist (or select the Start  button, type Quick Assist in the search box, Read More →

Yesterday Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (@KennieNP) / Twitter announced on twitter that the new PowerPoint deck “Using telemetry to improve your partner practices and processes” is now available.   You can find it here: BCTech/samples/AppInsights/Presentations at master · microsoft/BCTech (github.com)   You can use it to evangelize the use of telemetry apart from troubleshooting, or to Read More →

DynamicsCon March 2022 is a FREE, 3 day virtual learning experience for 8,500+ Microsoft Business Application users and professionals. You will be immersed in programming covering Power Platform, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics 365 products: Business Central, Customer Engagement, Finance & Operations. Have a look at the agenda: Agenda – DynamicsCon   And… I’m also speaking: Read More →

A question I receive a lot recently is that after installing Visual Studio, the installation of the RDLC Report Designer produces an error: The install of Microsoft RDLC Report Designer was not successful for all the selected products. This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.   The reason for this error is Read More →

Introducing the new landing page for all things related to reporting and data analysis in Business Central: http://aka.ms/bcreporting Similar to landing pages for security (http://aka.ms/bcsecurity), telemetry (http://aka.ms/bctelemetry), and performance (http://aka.ms/bcperformance), the new landing page should answer all questions that prospective or existing customers (or you) have about #msdyn365bc reporting.   Please visit http://aka.ms/bcreporting and let Read More →