When you create a Power BI Dataflow with the Business Central connector, you might get the following error: The OData connector failed with the following error: We cannot convert the value null to type Duration. The error mentions a conversion of null into a type Duration. This got me thinking. Let’s have a look at Read More →

Currently Microsoft is updating BC Saas sandboxes to version 23. When you create a new AL project (AL:Go!), and setup your launch.json and app.json files correctly and then try to download symbols, then you might get this error: This AL extension version for Visual Studio Code cannot be used with the specified server. Please update Read More →

If you are using Business Central Telemetry in Azure Application Insights, then you might be very interested in this amazing Power BI report: BCTech/README.md at master · microsoft/BCTech (github.com) Use this link to install/update the template app: https://aka.ms/bctelemetryreport The report comes with sample data. To connect the report to an Azure Application Insights resource, you need Read More →

Did you know that Windows 10 came with a free remote control tool called Quick Assist? Quick Assist is an app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. Here’s a video about it: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/videoplayer/embed/RE4FyMn?pid=ocpVideo0-innerdiv-oneplayer&postJsllMsg=true&maskLevel=20&market=en-us   Give assistance   Select Start  > Quick Assist (or select the Start  button, type Quick Assist in the search box, Read More →

Yesterday Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (@KennieNP) / Twitter announced on twitter that the new PowerPoint deck “Using telemetry to improve your partner practices and processes” is now available.   You can find it here: BCTech/samples/AppInsights/Presentations at master · microsoft/BCTech (github.com)   You can use it to evangelize the use of telemetry apart from troubleshooting, or to Read More →

Introducing the new landing page for all things related to reporting and data analysis in Business Central: http://aka.ms/bcreporting Similar to landing pages for security (http://aka.ms/bcsecurity), telemetry (http://aka.ms/bctelemetry), and performance (http://aka.ms/bcperformance), the new landing page should answer all questions that prospective or existing customers (or you) have about #msdyn365bc reporting.   Please visit http://aka.ms/bcreporting and let Read More →

Recently I stumbled upon Manage Sessions in the Business Central Admin Center: In the Admin Center, open an environment: Then select: Manage sessions: Now you can see and cancel sessions:   More information is available here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/administration/tenant-admin-center-environments#managing-sessions The Manage Sessions page displays information about active sessions on an environment and lets you cancel selected sessions. To open Read More →

I recently discovered this cool feature in Business Central: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/dynamics365/business-central/admin-feature-management When Microsoft releases features or feature design improvements as part of minor updates, some features aren’t immediately enabled. Administrators can learn about these features and independently enable each feature from the Feature Management page. Once a feature is enabled, it becomes available for all users on that Read More →