If you are using Business Central Telemetry in Azure Application Insights, then you might be very interested in this amazing Power BI report: BCTech/README.md at master · microsoft/BCTech (github.com)

Use this link to install/update the template app: https://aka.ms/bctelemetryreport

The report comes with sample data.

To connect the report to an Azure Application Insights resource, you need one thing: the Application Insights app id (get it from the API Access menu in the Azure Application Insights portal).

The report is currently in a testing phase.

Go to the PBI admin portal. Under Tenant settings, Go to Template App settings. Here you can enable template apps that are not listed on app source. Remember to set the setting back after installing the beta version of the app.

If you are already beta-testing the new #msdyn365bc PowerBI app on #telemetry, then you might want to update to the latest version. Much has happened since you installed it.

If you want to join the beta program, just install the app.

What is Business Central telemetry?

Business Central continuously emits telemetry about events that happen in the service.

Read more about telemetry here: https://aka.ms/bctelemetry

A big thanks to Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (@KennieNP) / Twitter !

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