When you create a Power BI Dataflow with the Business Central connector, you might get the following error: The OData connector failed with the following error: We cannot convert the value null to type Duration. The error mentions a conversion of null into a type Duration. This got me thinking. Let’s have a look at Read More →

Currently Microsoft is updating BC Saas sandboxes to version 23. When you create a new AL project (AL:Go!), and setup your launch.json and app.json files correctly and then try to download symbols, then you might get this error: This AL extension version for Visual Studio Code cannot be used with the specified server. Please update Read More →

Kennie Pontoppidan started writing some content and guidance on the topic of data extracts. It is currently on BCTech: https://github.com/microsoft/BCTech/tree/master/samples/ExtractData The focus is on how to extract data as there is tons of content on what to do once you have data in a staging area. The topics discussed in this page are: Extracting data Read More →

Not so long-ago Excel report layouts were added in Business Central. With Excel layouts for Business Central reports, users can now create and edit report layouts simply by using the full palette of capabilities in Excel such as sliders, diagrams, charts, and pivot tables. On one hand an end user can easily add Excel layouts Read More →