I have been waiting a long time for this to become available, but now you are able to create an Office 365 trial environment, for free, which can be used for a whole year.

Demos.Microsoft.com has been available for some time now, for Microsoft Partners, and I have used it many times to create demo environments for Office 365 and Business Central, but until now I was only able to create environments that were valid for 90 days. Granted, that’s a lot better then a ‘normal’ Office 365 trial which is valid for 30 days.

The URL has recently changed to https://cdx.transform.microsoft.com but https://demos.microsoft.com also still works.

So how many tenants can you create as a Partner?

  • One Year tenants: 1
  • 90-Day Tenants: 5

What is the difference between demo tenants and a traditional Office 365 trial offer?

  • Traditional Office 365 trial offer provides users a 30 day Office 365 E5 license containing 25-seats with no tenant content.
  • Demo tenants provides users with licenses pertinent to the tenant type selected and also includes rich, demo-ready sample content (document libraries, emails, OneDrive contents, Yammer posts, etc.).

How do I create a Quick tenant?

  1. Navigate to My Environments
  2. Select Create Tenant
  3. Choose Quick Tenant from Type Selection
  4. And voila:

How do I now create a Business Central tenant?

  1. Copy your credentials, for example to notepad, and now goto https://trials.dynamics.com and register for a Business Central trial with the Office 365 email address which you received from the quick tenant you created:

  2. Now you can go to your administration center for Business Central:
  3. There you can create a new production or sandbox environment, AND since the 2019 Wave 2 release, you can now also select your country:

How cool is that?!



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  1. Interesting blog on Microsoft demos environment for free and valid for 1 year… Thanks for sharing.

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