You might be aware of this idea: And if you haven’t yet, please vote šŸ˜‰ Now recently I came across a post from Bert De Temmerman on Yammer:Ā and that got my inspiration flowing… He suggests that when you add this action to the “Report Layout Selection” page, you can export any dataset by Read More →

Recently I stumbled upon Manage Sessions in the Business Central Admin Center: In the Admin Center, open an environment: Then select: Manage sessions: Now you can see and cancel sessions:   More information is available here: TheĀ Manage SessionsĀ page displays information about active sessions on an environment and lets you cancel selected sessions. To open Read More →

I recently discovered this cool feature in Business Central: When Microsoft releases features or feature design improvements as part of minor updates, some features aren’t immediately enabled. Administrators can learn about these features and independently enable each feature from theĀ Feature ManagementĀ page. Once a feature is enabled, it becomes available for all users on that Read More →

I recently discovered this cool feature in Business Central: The pageĀ 8700 Table InformationĀ provides information about all system and business tables in a Business Central solution. In particular, the page displays information about the amount of data the tables contain. This information is useful for troubleshooting performance problems, because let’s you see the distribution of Read More →

I recently discovered this cool feature in Business Central: TheĀ Database LocksĀ page gives snapshot of all current database locks. To view database locks, open pageĀ 9511 Database LocksĀ in the client. TheĀ Database LocksĀ page gives a snapshot of all current database locks in SQL Server. It provides information like the table and database resource affected by the Read More →

Since C/Side has gone forever, when installing Business Central on Premises you might wonder how to import or upload a license (flf) file into the service tier. Well the solution is very simple. First open the Business Central Administration Shell: Then use the command: Import-NAVServerLicense: More information is available here: After importing a new Read More →

Microsoft released Dynamics Business Central on Premises 2020 Wave 1 and you can download the On Prem installation DVD here: But when you do an installation, you might get the following error: This happens if you don’t meet the system requirements: To confirm, you don’t need the SQL enterprise edition, SQL Express is Read More →

Currently there’s a lot of talk about Business Central performance. Microsoft has released and is releasing guidelines, tools about mechanisms to program for performance, analyse and monitorĀ  performance. At the same moment there’s also discussions going on on public and private fora about database size and limitations. And last but not least Artificial Intelligence is Read More →

Here are some interesting links I have found: Dynamics 365 Application Ideas for Dynamics 365 Business Central Country/Regional availability and Supported Translations Microsoft Collaborate The ā€œReady to Goā€ Program Microsoft Learn for Business Central Working with Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts Major Updates of Business Central Online Read More →

Try out the new Business Central 2020 release wave 1 functionality today! Learn how to prepare for major updates with preview environments: Are you interested to test out all the new bells and whistles of BC version 16, then create your preview sandbox as follows. Go to your Business Central Admin Center: Then spin Read More →