Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: Professional Reporting

The goal of this book is to introduce and explain the reporting capabilities of Dynamics NAV in detail. Starting from the beginning, this book will introduce you to the report designers and explain how you can create and customize reports in Dynamics NAV. The book also looks at topics in depth to explain and demonstrate the typical issues you may encounter in your daily life regarding reporting and Dynamics NAV using practical real-life scenarios.

After reading this book, you will understand how to manipulate Dynamics NAV for it to produce the reports and analytical data that you want, when you want it, and in the format you want it.


Discover tips and tricks for Dynamics NAV report building:

  • Create and customize reports in Dynamics NAV 2015 using RDLC, Word, Power BI, and Reporting Services
  • Work with different elements in the toolbox such as tablix, which can be used as a List, Table, or Matrix and understand the differences between them and when to use which
  • This book is a pragmatic guide with clear instructions and real-world examples to teach you about the reporting capabilities of Dynamics NAV 2015
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