Yesterday Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (@KennieNP) / Twitter announced on twitter that the new PowerPoint deck “Using telemetry to improve your partner practices and processes” is now available.


You can find it here:


You can use it to evangelize the use of telemetry apart from troubleshooting, or to convince decision makers in your #msdyn365bc partner organization that telemetry can help them transform their business processes, or to get ideas for new business models.


There’s actually a ton of information available here:

about AppInsights, check it out!


On top of that Kennie shared another tip:

This SQL to Kusto cheat sheet to help translate between the two worlds of KQL and SQL:


Here’s an excerpt of the telemetry GitHub page:


What is Business Central telemetry?

  • Business Central continuously emits telemetry about events that happen in the service.
  • Read more about telemetry here:

What can I use telemetry for?

  • Telemetry can be useful for troubleshooting an issue or to determine how often a feature is used.

What resources can I find in

  • This repo contains instructions for how you can obtain the telemetry and resources that help you get immediate value from the telemetry.
  • Please visit the FAQ page for any questions on how to get started, pricing, privacy, and more.
  • Want some easy to digest introductions to Business Central telemetry? Watch a few short videos to get started: Business Central Telemetry Videos.


Thanks and kudos to Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan (@KennieNP) / Twitter !

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