In Power BI Desktop, and in the Power BI Service, Maps and Filled Map visuals might show up as follows:

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your report, it’s a new setting, announced in October last year.

Back in October, we announced that we were introducing a tenant-level setting to enable or disable Bing Maps visuals for all users signed in on that tenant. This setting was made available in the Admin Portal on the Service, and new tenants from then on were required to explicitly opt-in to the Bing Maps service before the Map and Filled Map visuals can be used.


The recent release of Power BI Desktop aligns the behaviors between Desktop and Service. When a user is signed in on Power BI Desktop, the Map and Filled Map visuals will be enabled or disabled based on their organization’s Admin settings.


If a user on Power BI Desktop attempts to view a Map visual when their tenant has not enabled the feature, they will be prompted to ask their admin to enable it:


To enable it, go to File -> Options and Settings -> Options -> Global -> Security and enable: “Use Map and Filled Map Visuals.

New Power BI users will need to explicitly opt in to using these visuals. Otherwise, attempting to create a map visual will prompt users to enable them in their settings:


More information is available here:

Power BI February 2022 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI



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