This is a quick post about a problem I encountered a couple of times and the solution I found.

When you run the RoleTailored Client (RTC) and in the Role Center page you try to “Customize this page“:

then the RoleTailored Client crashes (dissapears) and when you open your Event Log there’s a big fat, not really understandable, error message.

Then the problem might be related to an add-in that is configured on the page, in this case the Role Center page, but the add-in is not registered in the Client Add-in table (2000000069). In my case it was the Microsoft Dynamics Online Connect control add-in that was missing.


  1. Run the Client Add-in table (2000000069) and add en entry for the missing add-in, for example:
  2. Now restart the RoleTailored Client and try to customize the page again, no crash anymore 🙂

For more information about How to Register a RoleTailored Client Control Add-in have a look here.

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