Dynamics NAV Day at Decisions Spring 2012 is June 20, 2012. You can register here for the event. Have a look at the sessions & agenda: here

And did I mention it’s a virtual conference (free of charge).

Like last time, there’s also a session about Tips & tricks in NAV 2009 Reporting: http://decisions.msdynamicsworld.com/session/tips-tricks-report-design-msdymanics-nav-2009

In this session I will talk about:

  • Place in bottom 
    How to put stuff at the bottom of a page
  • InteractiveSize
    Why is the report size not what I expected?
  • Data in header/footer
    A practical approach for example when creating document reports
  • Difference between Page header & Report Header
    What kind of headers and footers are available in RDLC?
  • Default printer effect on print preview and print layout
    This can have an effect on pagination
  • Print preview vs print layout & export to pdf/xls
  • Use Rectangles
    Using rectangles to keep stuff together
  • Pagination
  • Visual Studio
  • Minimize the DataSet
    Don’t put stuff in the dataset if you don’t need it

After June 20 I will update this post and include the powerpoint and demo objects.

So join us at Decisions Spring 2012, MSDynamicsWorld.com’s next FREE virtual conference, June 18 to 21, for a chance to learn from and connect with Dynamics experts from around the world, including Microsoft officials, MVPs, and more.

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