A very strange message appeared when a user tried to connect to the test environment with the RoleTailored Client:

(the server name is grayed-out for privacy reasons)

What happened?

Well, before ‘the change’ all users had the SUPER role. What we did was add a Company filter, because one of the Companies had to be restricted to certain users. All users were still SUPER, but only on certain Companies.

We made the change, synchronized security and restarted the Service Tier.

Then, some users had no problems at all and others received this error message. And the funny thing, on the Production server, were we applied the same technique, no-one had any problem.

After pulling out all my hear and deleting/recreating users, looking in SQL Server, compiling all the objects,… nothing solved the problem…

What was the solution?

Well,ofcourse it was simple. For some reason the users that received the error message had no User Personalization in the database! (table 2000000073)

So simply by creating a new record for the user(s) here:

the problem was solved…

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