When entering data in Dynamics NAV, for example in a journal, time is sometimes lost on filtering or looking for the correct Customer, Item, Vendor, … Especially when using a dropdown (table relation).

Yesterday I was at a customer site, and they told me that, for example, when entering customers or vendors in a journal, they don’t know the numbers but they know their names and they want to be able to find them using their names (or description). The problem was that, in a dropdown, the default column used for filtering is the No. (or Code). So, to be able to find the correct record by name, they need to click in the dropdown, select the NO. (or Name) as the filter column, and then the filter is adjusted. When entering data in a journal, this takes too much time.

Isn't it possible to filter by default on the Name (or description), they asked me?

Yes, it is, and I though I would share this knowledge.

It’s actually very easy. Simply select the Name (or description) column in the drop down and mark it as the Default Filter Column:


As from now, whenever you type in some text in this textbox, it will automatically use the Name column to lookup.

That’s how easy it is, and it will save you a lot of time entering data in Dynamics NAV.

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  4. How about you want to setup dynamically/programmatically?

    • It is, at this time, to my knowledge, not possible to set this up dynamically of programmatically.
      The workaround would be to use the OnLookup() trigger of the field. Then you could let the user enter data in the field and use that trigger to display a popup. Similar functionality is available on most City and PostCode fields.

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