Recently someone asked me how to print barcodes in a Dynamics NAV RDLC report. And I hade done something similar, years ago in NAV2009. So I had a look at my code and updated it to NAV 2015.

As you can see, it still works:


Usually a barcode is no more then a font you need to select, and maybe first download and install. But sometimes it does not work of is not available for all fonts. When I was confronted with this years ago, I went to (ofcourse) and found a good solution from Stijn Bossuyt, who used the code from Igor Pchelnikov:

Based upon that information I then created the report.

The source code is available here:

So I thought, why not share this?

Thanks to:

  • Stijn Bossuyt:
  • Igor Pchelnikov:
    For the following post on Mibuso:
  • For the details about barcoding:
  • Description of the BMP file format:

There’s however a much better way to achieve the same goal. You can use a free web service to generate your barcodes, and .NET interop to manage it. Please have a look here:

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  4. I prefer this method better than the web service, as the web service can be down at any moment, or the customer might have NAV behind a firewall.

    Let me add a reference to this link, in case you need to put barcodes in report headers, you will to combine it with “getdata” and “setdata” report embeded functions:

  5. Thanks! It works like a charm and the code is easy to understand 🙂

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