A question I see over and over again is: How Do I create a free Business Central trial?

So I decided to write a guide, that you can find/download here:


Basically, it’s very simple:

  1. You need a unique email adres and for that you can create an Office 365 trial. As an alternative you can use your companies email adres, but if you are not the first person from that domain to create a Business Central trial, you are then added to the existing tenant, and will not have SUPER permissions.
  2. Also make sure you select a country, from this list, localized by Microsoft: Country/region availability and supported languages – Business Central | Microsoft Learn
    In partner localized countries, only partners can create trials, through Partner Center (requires CSP relationship).
  3. With the email address you go to: http://aka.ms/bctrial and signup for the Business Central trial:


That’s it, enjoy 🙂





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