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The observant will notice that, if you’re not using the Microsoft Store version, the link downloads a different installer than before. Currently, we build and publish 84 different .msi files for installing Power BI – a 32-bit and a 64-bit one for each of the 42 languages we support! We’ve just completed work to wrap them all into two installers (32- and 64-bit), which gives users the ability to change the language of the UI and model without having to install a new version. If you’re an enterprise administrator who manages the rollout of Power BI Desktop to users in multiple languages this should make your life easier too! It also makes it easier for us to build and manage Desktop so we can be much more efficient about getting fixes and new features out to you.

You can get the new single installer at, and you can still find the separate MSIs for each language at The MSIs will continue to be available (and updated each month) until the September update, after which we’ll only make the new single installer available. If you have scripts that pull new versions of Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Download Center, you’ll need to update them to point to the new location before October 1st.


Here’s the complete list of July updates:




Data connectivity

Data preparation

For a summary of the major updates, look here:

One Thought on “Power BI Desktop July 2019 Feature Summary

  1. Axel on August 23, 2019 at 10:47 said:

    Hi, regarding Data connectivity Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 connector, do you by any chance know how to use it ? Is it still the same as the old ways which is need to setup Dataflow through Power BI Service (Power ?


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