Recently someone asked me how to hide the headlines part on a rolecenter page, and what code is required to do that? Personally I would not do that because I find them quite interesting, but if you really want to remove them, here you go.

First, open your sandbox environment. If you don’t know how to create a sandbox, then have a look here:

In your sandbox, open the DESIGN menu:

Then click MORE:

Then select the REMOVE option, when you hover over the headlines and click the little triangle:

The headlines section is gone now:

Now you need to save your modifications and download the code.


In the above window enter your Extensions Name, Publisher, then select the Download Code option and select Save.

Your modification(s) is now saved into a .zip file. Open it and you will see the following:

Open the file with VSCode:

And voila, you know now the code required to hide your headlines…

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