After you have installed Business Central On Premises, as explained in the previous blog post, you will notice that Personalization is not enabled:

I don’t know why, if this is by design or not, but you can enable it as follows.

First, find your navsettings.json file:

Here you can find more info on modifying the navsettings.json file:

To enable Personalization, you need to add the following setting in the file:

,”PersonalizationEnabled”: “True”
Then you need to restart your Service Tier and Internet Information Server, open the Web Client again, and voila:
More information about personalization is available here:

3 Thoughts on “How Do I: Enable Personalization in Business Central On Premises?

  1. Simone Colombo on April 15, 2019 at 17:31 said:

    Great article, thanks a lot.
    Anyhow it’s not needed to restart service tier but only IIS or just application pool on IIS

  2. Hello,

    I would expect it would the other way around.
    Design by default disabled & Personalize enabled.
    Is there a way to disable Design? I don’t want end-users creating a ton of extensions…


    • I would also expect that. I really don’t like the design feature for users. Unfortunately I don’t know the setting to turn off design…

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