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You want to validate an intuition in Power BI but you are not a data scientist? Then don’t worry as we have now AutoML.

Principal PM is excited to announce the preview of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for Dataflows in Power BI.AutoML enables business analysts to build machine learning models with clicks, not code, using just their Power BI skills.

Power BI Dataflows offer a simple and powerful ETL tool that enables analysts to prepare data for further analytics. You invest significant effort in data cleansing and preparation, creating datasets that can be used across your organization. AutoML enables you to leverage your data prep effort for building machine learning models directly in Power BI.

With AutoML, the data science behind the creation of ML models is automated by Power BI, with guardrails to ensure model quality, and visibility to ensure you have full insight into the steps used to create your ML model.

For more information, look here:



Tutorial: Build a Machine Learning model in Power BI (Preview)


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