A question I get asked sometimes, during my Power BI trainings is, can I use PowerPoint to display my Power BI reports and dashboards?

Yes of course, I usually answer, and then I explain, that in your Power BI workspace, when you select your report, in the File menu there’s the following option:

You simply select, Export to PowerPoint, which then creates a PowerPoint file, with embedded images of your different report pages and visual:

This is a nice presentation with a link to your report on the Power BI Service, and some slides, but, it’s a static presentation, without any animations or interactive visuals. Wouldn’t it be nicer if the presentation could also show the complete report?

Well, yes, of course, you can for example use the following option:

Cool, or not?

Well, the downside is that, by doing this, your report will be publicly accessible for everyone…

Isn’t there a better solution?

Yes the is. Simply use the following PowerPoint Add-in:

Click on the From Power BI button, login and answer yes here:

And now you can embedd different visuals as tiles, or even complete reports, including interactivity features:

Cool, isn’t it? 🙂


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