Recently I switched to a new laptop, which has some great specs. One of them is a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is great if you have multiple monitors attached. Only, there was one little thing that I found really annoying. The toolbars in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook always displayed with these big icons and were taking up a crazy amount of space. It was really driving me crazy because I did not find any setting in the options to make them smaller, as they were on my other laptop. Until yesterday when a Tutor for an Attitude gave me a ‘golden’ tip. So I thought, why not share this?

In Outlook (and other Office applications) there’s a Quick Access Toolbar which you can customize:


Here you can add an option: Touch/Mouse Mode. If you add it, it becomes visible on top or below the ribbon, depending on your settings:


Now when you select Touch mode, icons are shown bigger, to allow you to use your fingers to select them, which makes sense of-course. Then when you select Mouse mode they become small (or normal) again, as they were on my previous laptop:


Now I’m wondering if such buttons would be a great idea to also include in Dynamics NAV?

3 Thoughts on “Touch and Mouse Mode for Dynamics NAV?

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  3. Sounds like madness. I mean, where would we be? Next, someone proposes to have something like the classic client (sans bugs, plus drag/drop) with classic style 3.70B role menus instead … No. This would be too productive 😉

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