When you edit a Document page, and have to add multiple lines, then you run out of space very quickly. Especially in Dynamics NAV 2015, where line totals are added at the bottom of the Lines tab:


Did you know that, as from in Dynamics NAV 2013 (and later), you can use the Alt-F12 shortcut to optimize space for the current page? The result looks as follows:


Nice feature, isn’t it? 🙂

5 Thoughts on “Optimize space for the current page

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  3. No, I did not know that. ;-). Thx for blogging.

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  5. Agree, this is an interesting feature, but unfortunately it only work one way. When you have finished your expanded and press ALT+12 again, nothing happens. I presume most would expected that the page then resume back to same layout as before you optimized the page. Until NAV 2017 the function still only works one way.
    As you can’t get back to original page on ALT+12 as well, I personally don’t like the feature. Instead I recommend to use:
    – ALT+F2 – to display/hide FactBoxes = increase wide
    – CTRL+F1 – to collapse/expand the Ribbon = increase height
    Then you can easily select the expansion you need – one or both, and easily get back as well.
    Enjoy! 🙂

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