How do you make sure your #BusinessCentral developers are comfortable and stay on track with their competence development at any time?

Ilse Daems, the HR manager at GMI group NV, knows how. Read her story here

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Our full encompassing core development professional program will boost you in the Business Central customization and development practice. A real-world implementation scenario leads your learning journey and keeps you aligned with the customization practice. This program includes everything you need to jumpstart a development career in Business Central as a modern cloud solution developer:

2 Thoughts on “Boost Business Central developers with online learning programs

  1. Dave Machanick on March 6, 2021 at 23:48 said:

    Is this available remotely in the USA?
    I have a son who knows some NAV and BC development, and I am looking for a training program that will fill in the gaps where for a development job.

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