Did you know? Since BC introduced the Application App, you should omit the dependencies on the System App and Base App:

In previous versions the references to base and system application were stated explicitly under dependencies in the app.json file of the extension. Instead you must now use the Application version property in the app.json file.

As you can see here, I omitted the dependencies, included the application, and all symbols download:

Soon up-taking the Application app will also be a mandatory requirement for AppSource apps, enforced by the AppSource technical validation. Thus it is highly recommended to change the existing AppSource apps at first convenience, for example with your next planned app update, and adopt the “application” property for all new AppSource apps.

We also recommend up-taking the Application app for the customized Base Applications on-premise, and per-tenant-extensions (PTEs) that you use in the Business Central online environments.

See here:

2 Thoughts on “Quick Tip: You should omit the dependencies on the System App and Base App

  1. Roddy McLean on January 13, 2021 at 13:31 said:

    Hi Steven, Does this have an impact where the base app is being customized. At the moment I have “Base Application” at the top of my App.json. I’ve experimented a bit and found out that application.app does not need to be published/installed – though of course I’ve being publishing and installing it.

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