Recently I stumbled upon Manage Sessions in the Business Central Admin Center:

In the Admin Center, open an environment:

Then select: Manage sessions:

Now you can see and cancel sessions:


More information is available here:

The Manage Sessions page displays information about active sessions on an environment and lets you cancel selected sessions.

To open the page, select Manage Sessions. Use the Show session details check box to show more or fewer details.

Cancel sessions

Canceling a session is sometimes the only way to unblock a customer. For example, a long-running report is locking data in a table, preventing warehouse employees from working.

To cancel a session, select it from the list and then select Cancel selected sessions.

4 Thoughts on “Quick Tip: Managing Sessions in Business Central

  1. Pieter Kok on May 19, 2020 at 18:42 said:

    My experience with this new functionality is that, even when an attempt to cancel a session is done, sometimes when refreshing the list of active sessions the session is still listed and active. Also when it disappeared after the cancel was clicked.

    Does that sound familiar to you?

    • Michael on October 1, 2020 at 15:19 said:

      I have seen this happen as well. Session is cancelled but still immediately appears on refresh. Any help to force session to close will be appreciated.

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