Since C/Side has gone forever, when installing Business Central on Premises you might wonder how to import or upload a license (flf) file into the service tier.

Well the solution is very simple.

First open the Business Central Administration Shell:

Then use the command: Import-NAVServerLicense:

More information is available here:

After importing a new license, restart all Business Central Server instances to activate the license for client users.

Additional information:

In case you try the above and you are still unable to login to Business Central due to a permission error, you might have to run the following SQL script on the Business Central database, using SQL Management Studio:

TRUNCATE TABLE “User Personalization”;
TRUNCATE TABLE “User Property”;
TRUNCATE TABLE “Access Control”;

This clears all users from the database. Then after running this script, restart the service tier and logon again. Your user should then be added as a SUPER user to the database and the logon error goes away…

TIP: Never run this script on a production database, because it removes all users and personalizations!

One Thought on “Quick Tip: How do I import an license (flf) file in Business Central on Premises?

  1. Great post. I get a warning: This license is not compatible with this version of Business Central. I usually download my license (flf) from old partnersource. Is there any other place to download it?

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