Drum rolls please.. announcing location and date for our first Business Central Hackathon session, bringing professionals together to challenge the Business Central system. We challenge the common way of developing and ultimately we dare you to challenge yourself.

And it’s not just a common hackathon. It’s a top-notch event that will take place on different locations in multiple cities. During our hackathon you will be challenged to work agile in small teams to unravel the Business Central system. What does that mean? During the 3-day hackathon you will build a real working Business Central app using:

  • AL
  • New Types
  • Web Services (rest & odata)
  • API
  • Azure storage and functions
  • Control Add-ins
  • Power Suite

Check it out & save the date!

At Plataan.tv we believe in constantly challenging yourself through innovative ways of learning. That’s why we created the Business Central Booster hackathon. This hackathon is all about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the evolution it’s going through. We’ll challenge the system, the technical architecture, the common way of working and ultimately, we dare you to challenge yourself.

Great things never come from comfort zones – so are you brave enough to tackle this challenge and go beyond? Find us near you and join.


August 5 to 7 – Corda Campus Hasselt

2 Thoughts on “Business Central Booster Hackathon

  1. Marton Nagy on July 9, 2019 at 10:50 said:

    Sounds great! Are you plan to do this in the UK?

    • Hi Marton,
      There are no plans at this moment, but if there’s demand we will surely redeliver the hackathon all over the world 😉

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