Recently I was ‘playing’ around in my Business Central instance when I noticed the following:

At the right bottom of my tenant there’s: Ask us a question

So I wondered what would happen when I would ask a question 🙂

And to my surprise, a couple of minutes later I got these emails:

I was amazed, someone answered my question. How cool is that!

I should also notice that the Ask us a question feature only appears sometimes, so I have the feeling it’s currently in test.

Once rolled-out, I think this might become a very ‘disrupting’, and cool, feature in our world…


2 Thoughts on “Introducing Business Central Chat

  1. Inayat on March 5, 2020 at 06:45 said:

    Hi. any one recently installed Dynamic 365 Business Center. I need some help regarding some module:
    1) Purchase Module: can it possible to break one item in different dimension i.e. Item stationery purchase that can be divided into different dimension. for example purchase ball point 100 Qty @ $10 total $1000 that 10Qty and amount 1000 can be divided into following entries:
    CoA stationery expense (100Qty 80% ) Grant (DFATD) $800
    CoA Stationery expense (100QTy 20%) Grant (DFATDM)$ 200

    does the above entry is possible in BC the CoA will remain same and the charging can be done dimension wise. Please note the product posting group are Stationery and that is linked with CoA through General Posting Group.

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