Frequently I get questions, remarks, observations from customers, partners, workshop participants, prospects,… about Business Central regarding what’s possible and what not.

Question I’m asked frequently are:

  • What are the current limitations when you develop with extensions?
  • What are the current limitations when you compare Business Central Saas (Cloud) with On Prem?
  • Can we still do ‘this’ or ‘that’ in Business Central Saas version?
  • How do we upgrade from the On Prem to the Cloud product?

Well, did you know that there’s a ton of information out there?

And did you know that if there’s something missing in the documentation, you can leave a remark, and you’ll get an answer?

For example, have a look here:–online

This is a very good example of someone asking a question / giving a remark, and Microsoft (Eva Dupont) taking charge and providing a solution, almost immediately!

Did you know that you can also share your ideas and vote for future ideas?

Have a look here:

Why does Microsoft encourage customers and partners to submit suggestions to the Dynamics 365 Ideas website?

  • Thanks to the public, open forum, a large number of people can submit ideas and suggestions.
  • Community members can vote on features suggested by others, as well as provide product functionality workarounds.
  • Customers and partners get an easier way to view ideas and suggestions already submitted by other community members.
  • Future versions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of products and solutions will be built with a better understanding of customer and partner needs.
  • Ideas and suggestions about product features and enhancements can be submitted any time of the day or night.
What happens to my product ideas and suggestions?
  • Your suggestion is delivered directly to the appropriate product development team based on the product line you specify. This process ensures that customers and partners can help shape how future versions of our software will work. During the planning phase, each product development team considers suggestions as possible new features for the next release.

Not only can you share an idea, you can vote for them, and Microsoft really listens:

So if you want to get things done, vote vote vote and get involved!!!


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