Recently someone asked me how to connect SQL Server Management Studio to the database on a Docker image for NAV 2018. Before I could answer Jakub Vaňák already did and said: “Of course it is. If you want to access the default instance inside one of MS NAV containers you can access it from your docker host machine providing the name of your container.

So how do you do that?

Well, I happen to have a docker image running with the following info:

Container Hostname : 1ad22e05ee57
NAV Admin Username : admin
NAV Admin Password : Gyby5433

The first thing to do is of course download and install the cerfiticate. Then launch Sql Server Management Studio and connect to the DB:

Use SA as the Login and your NAV Admin Password as the password. You might also want to goto the connection properties and enable trust server certificate:

And voila:



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