I had the honor of working together with Plataan to help create a new training platform: Plataan.tv.


On there you will find many training video’s you can follow at your own pace, delivered by experts (MCT’s and MVP’s), about different trending topics. The content is built from the standpoint of the user, in the language of a user and built around typical question/answer scenarios you face and encounter in your daily business.

For a view on the full catalog please go here: http://plataan.tv/plataan/library/allvideos

My area of expertise lies in Reporting and Development, so I’m proud to announce the following courses:

Do you want to start reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?:

I would also recommend to explore the following trainings:

Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a must-see for everyone:
Familiarize yourself with the theoretical basics of Windows PowerShell:
Power BI - 101:

We are working hard on new trainings that we will add soon, and if there’s a training subject you would like to see here, simply let us know.

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  3. This is great to see. Will there be an English version of the Power BI?

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