Dynamics NAV is full of features to make life easier for users and developers. One of these little gems is the F2 key.

In the help about this shortcut it simply says: Edit. But did you know that is has some undocumented features as-well?

In the Dynamics NAV application:

When you navigate to a field, for example here on the Customer Card, when you click F2 then the content of the text-box is selected, then when you click F2 again the cursor is set to the beginning of the text-box and when you press End the cursor moves to the end:


In the development environment you can use F2 in different ways.

In a table or page or report or query or xmlport designer you can use it to jump to the beginning or end of the field, click F2 once to jump to the beginning, click F2 again to jump to the end:


In the C/AL Editor, F2 jumps to the end of the line, just like the End button.

Then there's also Alt+F2 which in the application hide's of shows the fact-box pane (and Ctrl+F2 to create a new document):


By the way, did you know that F2 also works in Excel?


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  4. Sunil on August 25, 2015 at 11:47 said:

    Also, in upto 2009 version, by pressing F2, it was validating the fields. For Ex, if we press F2 on no field of the purchase line, the uom code, description, etc were getting updated. But in 2013 R2, it is not updatating. Is there any other equivalent shortcut for F2 in NAV 2013 R2. Please let me know.

  5. No there’s not. in the RTC you can Cut (Ctrl+X) & Paste (Ctrl+V) the value to get re-run OnValidate. Unfortunately there’s no other way anymore like in the Classic client.

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