Birmingham-based IT publisher Packt Publishing is about to publish its 1000th title. Packt books are renowned among developers for being uniquely practical and focused, but you’d be forgiven for not yet being in the know – Packt books cover highly specific tools and technologies which you might not expect to see a high quality book on.
Packt is certain that in its 1000 titles there is at least one book that everyone in IT will find useful right away, and are inviting anyone to choose and download any one of its eBooks for free over its celebration weekend of 28-30th Sep 2012. Packt is also opening its online library for a week for free to give customers an easy to way to research their choice of free eBook.
Packt supports many of the Open Source projects covered by its books through a project royalty donation, which has contributed over $4,00,000 to Open Source projects up to now. As part of the celebration Packt is allocating $30,000 to share between projects and authors as part of the weekend giveaway, allocated based on the number of copies of each title downloaded.
Dave Maclean, founder of Packt Publishing:
“At Packt we set out 8 years ago to bring practical, up to date and easy to use technical books to the specialist tools and technologies that had been largely overlooked by IT publishers. Today, I am really proud that with our authors and partners we have been able to make useful books available on over 1000 topics and make our contribution to the development community.”


3 Thoughts on “Packt Publishing reaches 1000 IT titles and celebrates with an open invitation

  1. Thanx for the tip, Steven.

    The direct link should be but this seems not to be working 🙁

  2. Steven on October 1, 2012 at 12:01 said:

    I think it’s because the offer was valid untill 30th of september and they removed the link today 🙁

  3. After reporting this matter to PACKT I did get a mail yesterday saying: “We understand that you may have had difficulty registering to download your eBook over the weekend, and are therefore extending the offer for existing customers until this Friday.”

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