Microsoft is very excited to announce that as part of our September update, we have a preview of aggregations, which allows you to seamlessly store only summarized values in memory without having to load your entire dataset into Power BI, greatly improving the performance of your reports. This month also includes a preview of a PDF file connector, which is the most requested connector on UserVoice; and one of our biggest updates to our advanced query editor in quite a while, M intellisense.

Here’s the complete list of September updates:



Custom visuals

Data connectivity

Data preparation

For a summary of the major updates, you can watch the following video:

Coming soon

We hope the ability to copy data from tables and matrixes shipping this month is useful but we have more planned for copying in future releases as well! One of the top requests on is the ability to copy visuals between .pbix files and we’re working on this right now. During the recent Microsoft Hackathon we encouraged the team to work on features they thought would add most value to Power BI and this was one of the engineers’ projects. There are a number of these ‘Office-like’ features we have planned in the coming months as we keep trying to make Power BI Desktop your ‘PowerPoint for data’.

That’s all for this month! We hope that you enjoy these updates and continue sending us your feedback. Please don’t forget to vote for other features that you’d like to see in the Power BI Desktop. For any preview features, you can always give us your feedback in our active community. You can also download the .pbix file I used, and if you’re looking for a similar design for your reports, I was using the Sunset layout from PowerBI.Tips.


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