If you upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016, which I highly recommend, you will notice that ‘the Power’ has disappeared. With Power I mean, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Map. So where did they go and how can I get them back? Actually, they’re not gone, let’s have a closer look. First you Read More →

I’m very excited to announce the coming release of my new book: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Professional Reporting. Because of the success of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: Professional Reporting, I was asked to create an update towards Dynamics NAV 2015. I gently declined this request and proposed instead to completely rewrite the book. The reason was simple. Read More →

I had the honor of working together with Plataan to help create a new training platform: Plataan.tv. On there you will find many training video’s you can follow at your own pace, delivered by experts (MCT’s and MVP’s), about different trending topics. The content is built from the standpoint of the user, in the language of a Read More →

Are you interested how you can manage reports from C/AL, then have a look at these How Do I video’s: How Do I: Manage Reports from CAL: RDLC and Word Layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 How Do I: Manage Reports from CAL: Usage Logging and Paper Trays in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015  

Do you work with enterprise resource planning (ERP)? Or maybe you’d like to? Be sure to check out this high-level overview of what Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers. Explore basic concepts and elements used throughout the application, look at user personalization, learn about sales and purchase processes, and much more, in this Microsoft Dynamics NAV training. Read More →

When you edit a Document page, and have to add multiple lines, then you run out of space very quickly. Especially in Dynamics NAV 2015, where line totals are added at the bottom of the Lines tab: Did you know that, as from in Dynamics NAV 2013 (and later), you can use the Alt-F12 shortcut to Read More →

Recently I switched to a new laptop, which has some great specs. One of them is a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is great if you have multiple monitors attached. Only, there was one little thing that I found really annoying. The toolbars in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook always displayed with these big Read More →

If you have developed a report you will surely have experienced this annoying issue. Every time you perform the View, Layout action within the Report Dataset Designer and Visual Studio opens, you have to manually go to the View menu and select Report Data to be able to see the Report Data Pane. Then, because you Read More →